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    Just the right time for just the right words. Catch the Spirit

    It is hard to look at this picture and NOT smile. It is even harder to try and imagine that these two girls were NOT having a great day. Almost like that well-known example with the pink elephant, where a sentence like "Do not think of a pink elephant!" will definitely make you think of a pink elephant, if you want it or not. Well, some things in communication are easy. Some messages and the spirit they embody can be conveyed in a very simple way. Others are a little more challenging. But whatever the task is...

Multi-Cultural Marketing and Its Intricacies
Many companies, at some point, reach that exciting threshold in their corporate history where they decide to sell their products or services in other countries. And after another few years, they might call it "going global", for example when they sell not only to a few other countries, but quite a number of countries on different continents.
Do Pictures Say More Than a Thousand Words?
Maybe you have made this experience before: You have looked at a picture, and a whole universe of meaning, ideas, thoughts, feelings, and emotions opened up right before your eyes. It might have been a piece of art in a museum, a photograph in a magazine, graffiti on a wall, or just a reflection in your rear view mirror. Some pictures do say more than a thousand words.
Organizing Your Marketing/PR Activities
Marketing and Public Relations are lively, challenging and ever changing areas of activities. Markets change, new products and services need to be introduced, companies merge with other companies, old competitors disappear, new ones appear, technology advances. These and other changes require marketing and PR professionals to constantly adapt to new market conditions.
What to Expect From a Good Web Content Writer
You have come to the conclusion that your website needs more and better content? But you are not sure how to find a good Web content editor? Here are a few tips on what is important and what you should look for.